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This is my beautiful friend Allison, who is currently undergoing treatment for Leukemia. Allison and I were brought together through music, and she is nothing short of an incredible musician. She certainly hasn’t let the cancer keep her from doing what she loves the most, and it’s truly remarkable! While there are some days that are just plain crappy, she has shown such incredible strength and bravery throughout this whole ordeal. This girl is an inspiration!

It may have taken my hair and a significant amount of my body weight, but it didn’t take my voice!”

This is a video of her doing what she does best! She is trying to get on Ellen! So please, help us out, watch this video, reblog it, share it, leave a nice comment, tell someone you know, tell the people at Ellen, you know what to do. She is an amazing girl who really deserves everything. Plus, I dare you to find a better cover of Turning Tables out there ;)

If you want to read more on Allison’s journey, you can do so here.

Please help me make my friend’s wishes come true! It’s been a hard few months, and it would honestly mean the world to her, and me as well! Thank you <3

I open at the close

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Parliament Interns

Parliament Interns

The parliament interns

The parliament interns in front of parliament

NYU London, Norman Shaw North and South, and my co-workers in the House of Commons

The state opera house and the Jewish Quarter

Rathaus and Parliament in Vienna

The library in the Hofburg! The library in Beauty and the Beast is based on this. 

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